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Definition of Beta Test IT Glossary

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  • It is ideal to select those consumers that fit within the parameters of the product’s target market.
  • Beta testing is a way to understand your product and create a level of connection with its target users.
  • A target audience sample is allowed to try out the product before its release.
  • The tester knows what kinds of things to look for and can anticipate what will happen when certain actions are performed.

Beta testing enables the business to measure the performance of the product before it is completely exposed to the market in its final form. By doing this, any mistakes or oversights can be addressed before extensive resources are committed to getting the product released. Popular smartphone companies will also run a beta to test out new operating systems.

How to Use the Beta Test Feedback

Your documentation should cover all the necessary procedures, instructions, and other miscellaneous need-to-knows. Getting your product in front of customers and letting them test it out is the best way to detect bugs or inconsistencies early on so you can fix them in later versions. Tracking the changes in user sentiment over time and sharing these insights with your team leaders can help your product stay on the right track.

definition of beta testing

Beta testing isn’t solely for computer-related activities either. Utilizing the data you gather through beta testing can augment your marketing strategy and ensure you get a worthwhile return on investment. Audience segmentation will increase the efficiency of your beta tests. However, before you can begin segmentation, you first need to identify the user groups that you already have. The length of your beta test can be just as important as how many beta testers you include in the program.

Public Beta Testing

Determine what tasks you want users to complete, and identify which areas you want users to focus on. A value proposition is a statement that clearly identifies the benefits a company’s products and services will deliver to its … After collecting test results and user feedback, make sure that you actually relay all this data to all the relevant departments. Data collection is useless if the showrunners behind the scene don’t know that these insights exist. Getting feedback could be as simple as emailing your customers individually or even adding in-app user surveys to your platform. Put the focus on capturing the user sentiment instead of defending your product from their objections.

definition of beta testing

For example, if major problems are identified, work will be required to fix them, and further testing down the line will be necessary. The beta testing period may be ended if the only issues remaining pose little risk to the user experience, and can be fixed with a patch post-launch. In some cases, businesses may start with a closed beta and then move into the open beta phase to let more users experience the new product. Usually, feature-complete software still has to undergo beta testing and bug fixing, as well as performance or stability enhancement before it can go to release candidate, and finally gold status.


Test participants should be able to share their thoughts on product features and submit requests for changes in design. Design team, development team, QA, product management – all should receive results of beta testing. Before discussing different types and approaches to beta testing, it’s essential to differentiate it from alpha testing. We will fill the gaps by providing best practices for beta testing and things you need to consider when running them. Different phases of the cycle require different types of testing. In this post, I’ll explore the type of testing that can reduce the risk of product failure through customer validation – beta testing.

definition of beta testing

Suggestions by the beta testers are collected for improvement in future releases. The software which needs to be tested is released to the beta testers to proceed for testing. Generally, a link is sent to the participants from where they can download the application or open it in the browser. User manuals and other software documents are sent to the testers to understand the application better.

A guide to reducing customer churn

Beta testing helps validate the product for usability, functionality, and many more. The team has been collecting feedback from the beta test and has plans for new modes and card sets. He is skilled in test automation, performance testing, big data, and CI-CD. He brings his decade of experience to his current role where he is dedicated to educating the QA professionals. A pool of potential end-users performs it to give unbiased feedback on the product.

definition of beta testing

The beta tester’s primary role is to identify product usability issues and provide feedback so the product team can make improvements. Common issues may include bugs or glitches in the production environment like broken or misdirected links, software crashes, or slow load times. definition of beta testing In February 2005, ZDNet published an article about the phenomenon of a beta version often staying for years and being used as if it were at the production level. Since the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft has called pre-release software a preview rather than beta.

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A beta test provides an opportunity for users to evaluate your product before the big launch. As a result, you may uncover issues or opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Also called production release, the stable release is the last release candidate which has passed all stages of verification and tests. Some software is kept in so-called perpetual beta, where new features are continually added to the software without establishing a final “stable” release. As the Internet has facilitated the rapid and inexpensive distribution of software, companies have begun to take a looser approach to the use of the word beta.

Marketing beta testing focuses on gaining media attention for the product. Beyond marketing channels, marketing beta testing may be used to test customers’ perceptions of the features of a product. An organization’s product development team is responsible for developing products. When it comes to technology products like software, there is a need for some series of testing.

Final Thoughts

The timeline can be determined by a set goal you have put in place, or by utilizing a set portion of a budget, among other factors. Focused beta testing is used when a product team needs to gather feedback on specific features. In order to collect the feedback, the team releases the product to the market. It’s also possible to create an empathy map based on the actual data from your users. Beta testing is usually black-box testing, meaning test participants don’t know anything about the backend and don’t have access to source code. Since beta testing happens most of the time at the end user’s side, it cannot be a controlled activity.

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